Wednesday, 11 April 2018

David Leroy wins in Bande

On Saturday 12 players were present in Bande to play the monthly tournament of Wamme Subbuteo Club. As there was plenty of time, a "Super-Swiss system" was played so that everyone had six games. David Leroy was on top as he won all games to win the tournament. Brothers Bruno and Antonio Timpano from Seraing finished with 13 points and michaël Hallin was a surprising winner. Congratulations to all the players involved!

Final standings:
1. David Leroy (Rochefort TS)
2. Bruno Timpano (SC Seraing)
3. Antonio Timpano (SC Seraing)
4. Michaël Hallin (SC Temploux)
5. Corentin Wauthy (Rochefort TS)
6. Jean Grosdent (Wamme SC)
7. Richard Boulanger (SC Seraing)
8. Henri Grosdent (Wamme SC)
9. Giulio Bonfanti (Wamme SC)
10. Philippe Thys (Wamme SC)
11. Geoffrey Kelner (SC Seraing)
12. Maxim Grosdent (Wamme SC)